Dear Colleagues,

In the scope of the SUPRALIFE Twinning Horizon Europe project, we will be organizing a series of training activities and events on a yearly basis aimed at developing supramolecular multicomponent biomaterials for enabling advanced biomaterials for healthcare.

The SUPRALIFE First School will be the very first event organized by the COMPASS Research Group at the University of Aveiro (UAVR; Coordinator) in close collaboration with the consortium partners Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the University of Bordeaux (UBx) and its affiliated entities Polytechnic Institute of Bordeaux (Bordeaux INP) and French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).

The First School will be held in the pleasant and beautiful city of Aveiro, Portugal, from 19-24 March 2023 and will be split in two parts:

(i) a scientific program from 19-21 March which aims at teaching fundamental-to-advanced concepts to students and researchers with backgrounds in chemistry, biochemistry, (bio)materials science, biomedical engineering, bioengineering and biology on the rational design, synthesis, development and advanced characterization of functional supramolecular polymeric biomaterials for biomedicine.

The scientific program will consist of plenary/tutorial lectures by world-leading experts in the supramolecular biomaterials’ chemistry field who will share their extensive experience and expertise and present a comprehensive overview of the research activities headed by their own research groups and in collaboration with other research groups, industry or clinical practitioners.

(ii) a soft transferable skills’ training program from 22-24 March which aims to advance the professional development and widen the career perspectives of students and researchers, irrespectively of their background and area of specialization, to outperform in their professional duties and career paths. The training sessions will include the following topics: science communication, grant writing, scientific writing and publishing, and career development.

The participants will have the unique opportunity for interacting closely and exchanging ideas and experiences with the invited speakers and networking with peers in an informal and relaxed environment.

We cordially invite you to attend this stimulating event and look forward to meeting you soon in Aveiro!

The Chairs of the First School of the SUPRALIFE EU project,


João F. Mano

University of Aveiro



João Borges

University of Aveiro




19-24 March 2023


University of Aveiro, Portugal


Training School

Book of Abstracts
Program and Invited Speakers

Scientific Program


E.W. “Bert” Meijer

Eindhoven University of Technology

The Netherlands

Sébastien Lecommandoux

Bordeaux INP


Helena Azevedo

University of Porto


Alvaro Mata

University of Nottingham

United Kingdom

Patricia Dankers

Eindhoven University of Technology

The Netherlands

Francesco Ricci

University of Rome Tor Vergata


Roxanne Kieltyka

University of Leiden

The Netherlands

Thomas Hermans

University of Strasbourg


Zaida Alvarez

Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia


Andreas Walther

University of Mainz


Iva Pashkuleva

University of Minho


Manuel Melle-Franco

University of Aveiro


Ghislaine Vantomme

Eindhoven University of Technology

The Netherlands

Claudio Perego

University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland


Program and Invited Speakers

Soft Transferable Skills Training Program


Grant Writing Workshop

More information

Rui Munhá

Science Officer at FCT


Gabriela Dima

Project Manager and Policy Advisor at TU/e

The Netherlands

Amélie Delmon

EU R&I Grants Officer at UBx


Manuel Souto

Principal Researcher at CICECO/UAVR


Nuno Gonçalves

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellow at CICECO/UAVR


João Rocha

Moderator of the Roundtable

Full Professor at CICECO/UAVR


Career Development Workshop

More information

Jonathan Yewdell

National Institutes of Health


Scientific Writing & Publishing Workshop

More information

Nesma El-Sayed Ibrahim

Associate Editor at Nature Reviews Bioengineering


Science Communication Workshop

More information

Catarina Moura

Science Communication Officer at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL)


Pedro Pombo

Director of Fábrica Centro Ciência Viva de Aveiro


Bárbara Pinho

Freelance Science Communicator


Paulo Sérgio Santos

Communications Manager at Católica Porto Business School


Adriano Cerqueira

Science Journalist & Producer of the podcast ‘90 Segundos de Ciência’



João F. Mano (University of Aveiro, Portugal)

João Borges (University of Aveiro, Portugal)

Ana Barros (University of Aveiro, Portugal)

João Rocha (University of Aveiro, Portugal)

Luís Mafra (University of Aveiro, Portugal)

Armando Silvestre (University of Aveiro, Portugal)

Mara Freire (University of Aveiro, Portugal)

E.W. "Bert" Meijer (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands)

Sébastien Lecommandoux (University of Bordeaux, France)

Cristiana Sousa

Inês Deus

João Pereira

João Rodrigues

Luís Ferreira

Luís Monteiro

Manuel Santos

Marcelo Costa

Marisa Vitória

Margarida Sacramento

Maria Mendes

Maria Lopes

Matilde Lagarto

Rita Almeida

Sara Nadine

Sofia Silva

Tiago Correia

Vera Sousa

Vítor Gaspar

Ana Miroto Lourenço (University of Aveiro, Portugal)


The First School of SUPRALIFE will be held at Auditório Renato Araújo within the Rectory building (building number 25) at the University of Aveiro.



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